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Uitgeveruij Vantilt

Images activate our thinking and thus result in thought-images. At the cross-road of present and past, in Het geel van Marcel Proust (Marcel Proust’s Yellow) Mieke Bal searches for the importance of art for current issues and questions. In this quest we meet both literary and visual artworks, both old masters and contemporary artists.

Through Proust and Flaubert, Munch and Bourgeois, the Bible and the Quran, the reader is invited to think anew about history and anachronism, biography and character, rhythm and space, love and domination. The media in which the works are set also participate: the photographic, the cinematic, and the efforts with thick pigment - it is all part of what makes us think.

Marcel Proust’s Yellow advocates the acknowledgment of the importance of the thought-images we construe when looking at images. Time and again a detail, an oddity, or an apparent incompletion provide an entrance into seeing meaning - into image-thinking.

Het geel van Marcel Proust

Parallel Lines


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