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Sei mein Zeuge - Be My Witness!

Vienna, VBKÖ
9-26 May 2012

… is what the woman Sissi, diagnosed as schizophrenic, calls out to her psychoanalyst, right after she has revealed the cause of her troubles. Sissi was the first patient of Françoise Davoine, the analyst and main character – and actress playing herself – in the feature film A Long History of Madness. Like Freud’s Dora, Sissi dismissed Françoise, who seemed incapable of helping her. Twenty years later, and still confined to a psychiatric hospital, Sissi’s “second chance” in the shape of another analyst, slowly but surely allows her to reach into her deepest darkest self. The analyst, this time, is not afraid of putting herself on the line, an identification that allows the unattainable memories to come to the surface.

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