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Road Movies

Curated by Zachary McCune, Brown University, Cogut Center, Pembroke Hall, June 2010.

Road Movies was a small but lovely exhibition in Pembroke Hall, Brown University, USA. It accompanied the conference, Whose Global Humanities: 2010 annual CHCI meeting, the Cogut Center for the Humanities, Brown University, Providence, RI, US, 15-16 June, 2010.

The exhibition, curated by Zachary McUne, comprised of a large LED-screen presentation, outside of the exhibition space, of Road Movie, that continues to be exhibited to this day. Inside, a number of films were displayed so as to make sense of the idea that migratory stories are travel stories in the first place. Members of the conference sneaked out to sit with the films for a break or between papers. Students and faculty also came by.

The exhibition was initiated by Michael Steinberg, director of the Cogut Center.

Works exhibited included the following: Road Movie, Becoming Vera, GLUB (Hearts), “Elena”, a single video from Nothing is Missing, Access Denied, Mille et un Jours

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