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Parallel Lines



translated by Christine van Boheemen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1985; completely revised and expanded 2nd edition: 1997; completely revised 3rd edition: 2009
Chinese Edition: trans. by Tan Junqiang. Xushurue: Xushi Lilun Daolun; China Social Sciences Publishing House, 1995; 2003 (revised and expanded 2nd edition, trans. by Tan Junqiang)
Corean Edition: Trans. YongHwan Han and DeokHwa Kang. Seoul: Moonye Publishing, 1999
Romanian Edition: Naratologia. Introducere în teoria naratiunii. trans. by Sorin Pârvu and Monica Bottez. Institutul European, 2008
Serbian Edition: Naratologija-teorija price i pripovedanja. Trans. Rastislava Markovic. Belgrade: Narodna Kniga, 2000
Polish Edition: Narratologia. Wprowadzenie do teorii narracji. Kraków: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego, Eidos, 2012

back cover text:

Already a seminal work and international classic, Narratology is revised and updated in this third edition to include an expanded analysis of film and treatments of modernist texts. With changes prompted by ten years of feedback from scholars and teachers, Narratology remains the most important contribution to the study of the way narratives work, are formed, and are received.

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