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Meike Bal 2MOVE Video.jpg

Mieke Bal & Miguel Ángel Hernández-Navarro, Cendeac, Spain, 2005

Back cover text:

A published anthology of the video-art exhibition, featuring 22 international artists such as Keren Cytter, William Kentridge and Mona Hatoum at the Zuiderzee Museum.

Bringing together the work of international artists from different generations and origins, 2MOVE explores the connections between video, mobility, migratory culture and our contemporary world.

Today, the encounter with the traces of migration gives way to a plurality of sensory experiences which both transform and modify our everyday life., experiences that are themselves ‘aesthetic’.

2MOVE reflects about different ways to visually articulate some aspects of what we can call our contemporary ‘migratory culture’: the cut, or severance, between mobility and sedentariness, as embodied in the disagreement between the dubious visibility of immigrants in the West and the absence of those they have left behind; the ordinary, banal and sometimes abject ‘look’ and the monotonous everyday; the hetero-temporality of a world that likes to think in progression; the surface or ‘skin’ that prevents us from seeing, as both racism and the opaqueness of the seemingly transparent medium of video elaborate together…

2MOVE: Video, Art, Migration

Parallel Lines


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