Don Quijote: Tristes Figuras / Sad Countenances / Tristes figures

Multi-lingual with English and Spanish subtitles, 16 channel video installation, 2019

The Episodes
The episodes are numbered for convenience; these numbers do not indicate a chronology.

1 DQ Reading
2 Getting Ready, Setting Up, Setting Out
3 Woman as Anti-Suicide Bomb
4 Who is Don Quijote?
5 Conversation DQ / SP
6 Narrative Stuttering [Murcia]
7 Swim or Die
8 Testimonial Discourses
9 The failure of Listening: Cardenio and the Shrink Interns
10 Delirium of Words
11 The Great Peacemaker, versus Money
12 Pointless Altruism
13 She, Too
14 A Hand and a Thread of Hope
15 Beauty Equals Money
16 The Captive’s Tale

A photographic account of the state of trauma. Photo: Ebba Sund