It’s About Time! Reflections of Urgency

2020 | 31.29 mins | Colour
By Mieke Bal

Genre: Theoretical Fiction
Polish spoken, English Subtitles

During the first week of March 2020, one week before the corona lockdown, I went to Łódź, Poland, where the famous film school had been the recipient of a major research grant to examine what an “essay film” could be. The program’s director, Dr Jakub (Kuba) Mikurda, invited me to participate and come to make an essay film. Thanks to fabulous participants, I managed it, and here it is…
At first I didn’t quite know what I considered an essay film to be. But when I said so, Kuba, quick as a flash, replied: “but all your films are essy films!” This was such a wonderful moment of learning something about my own film work.

The film’s title is willfully ambiguous: the film is a “theoretical fiction” about time in history, around my concept of “pre-posterous history” that I had developed in my book on Caravaggio and contemporary art. But with exclamation mark also refers to the other meaning: it’s about time we do something about the world!

Here is a 20-minutes video tour made by Lena Verhoeff:

Exhibition Art Out of Necessity 12-3-21 from Cinema Suitcase on Vimeo.