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(Spanish) “¿Arte Narrativo? Reflexiones Discontinuas”
Lecture published in 10,000 Francs Reward (The Contemporary Art Museum, Dead or Alive), the publication of the proceedings of the event of the same name, run by the Association of Contemporary Art Directors of Spain (ADACE) and organised by the Ministry of Culture, the State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Actions Abroad (SEACEX and the International University of Andalusia) UNIA artandthinking.

Working with Concepts
Bal, Mieke(2009)’Working with Concepts’,European Journal of English Studies,13:1,13 — 23 read article here (limited access)

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Revised versions:
“Migratory Aesthetics: Double Movement.” EXIT, no. 32 (2008): 150–161
(Spanish) “Estéticas migratorias: Movimiento doble.” EXIT, no. 32 (2008): 138–149

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Translating Translation
Journal of Visual Culture, Volume 6 number 1 April 2007
Edited by Joanne Morra and Mieke Bal
Mieke Bal article ‘Translating Translation’ pp. 109-124 read article here (limited access)

Migratory Aesthetics
Another Publication, piet zwart institute
Another publication is a book project around the manifold perspectives on otherness. Magnanimous in its ubiquitous applications, the ‘other’ floats between different points of view. The aim of this publication is to bind together different proposals, as a strategy to approach this somewhat bankrupt term. Twelve writers were invited to contibute a text on this subject, each writing a preface to a possible book.

Mieke Bal preface ‘Migratory Aesthetics’ 13-19
Beautiful Suffering: Photography and the Traffic in Pain.

The Pain of Images - Mieke Bal p. 93 - 115 In: Beautiful Suffering: Photography and the Traffic in Pain. Reinhardt, Mark, Holly Edwards, and Erina Duganne, editors Co-published with Williams College Museum of Art. 216 p., 74 color plates, 16 figures. 10-1/2 x 9-1/2 2006

Also translated into Spanish: “El arte contemporáneo y el mundo: el dolor de las imágines.” 145-181 in Cuerpo y mirada, huellas del siglo XX, Edición a cargo de Aurora Fernández Polanco. Madrid: Museo nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía 2007


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Facing Severance
Facing Severance. In: Intermédialités, ed. Johanne Villeneuve, No 8 Automne 2006, 189-210 read article here

Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (AJCN), issue autumn 2006
Read Mieke’s article in the Amsterdam International Electronic Journal for Cultural Narratology (AJCN), issue autumn 2006:
LOOPS & GAPS: Video as Entrance into the Unknown

Lepljive podobe: krcenje casovne dimenzije v umetnosti trajana
(Sticky images: the foreshortening of time in an art of duration)
Likovne Besede (Art Words) poletje/summer 2006, 39-51, Ljubljana: Union of the Slovene Fine Artists Associations, 2006

Affekt als kulturelle Kraft
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In Journal of Visual Culture, no. 4 (2005): 145-162. read article here (limited access)

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L’éthique de la description
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Mieke Bal’s Reply to the Responses to Her Article ‘Visual Essentialism and the Object of Visual Culture’ (Journal of Visual Culture 2:1, 2003: 5-32)
‘Journal of Visual Culture’ 2:2, 2003: 260-68. Translated into Spanish by Carolina Díaz, David García Casado, and María Teresa Tellechea: ‘Respuesta Las Respuestas’. In ‘Estudios Visuales’ 2, 2004: 97-107. read article here (limited access)

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Three-Way Misreading
‘Diacritics’, 30:1, 2001: 2-24. read article here (limited access)


Pour une interprétation intempestive
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Poetics, Today
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Fantasy and the Mirror of Nature
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Ecstatic Aesthetics: Metaphoring Bernini
In ‘Critical Issues’ series 4/2000 of ‘Artspace Visual Art Centre Sydney’, Monograph.
Revised version in: ‘Compelling Visuality: The Work of Art in and out of History’, edited by Claire Farago and Robert Zwijnenberg, 1-30. Minneapolis; London: University of Minnesota Press, 2003.

Religious Canon and Literary Identity
Plenary Lecture at 10th Conference of the ‘Society for Literature and Religion’: ‘Literary Canon and Religious Identity’, University of Nijmegen, 2000.
‘European Electronic Journal for Feminist Exegesis’, 2:2000 (no page numbers).

Visual Narrativity
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Memory Acts: Performing Subjectivity
‘Performance Research’, 5:3, 2000: 102-14. read article here

The Spirit as Parasite
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