Contaminations: reading, imagining, imaging. This exhibition in Murcia of my video work of “theoretical fictions” consists of fragments that make new meanings. The new bits&pieces have been edited to constitute new wholes, sequences that detach the fragments from the narrative films from which they were taken. The work has never been exhibition before in this way. The exhibition is curated by Miguel Á. Hernández Navarro, with whom I curated the traveling exhibition 2Move in 2007-08.

Miguel and I met in 2004, and have remained in regular contact ever since, collaborating on numerous projects. Thanks to our “intellectual friendship” as I like this constructive collegial collaboration, my book Tiempos Trastornados was made possible thanks to Miguel’s commitment to my work for his book series on visual culture, and another exhibition of my documentary work, La última frontera in the Fundación José García Jiménez, in 2011, was also initiated and curated by Miguel.
The gallery space of the Centro Parrága in Murcia will be filled with fourteen screens, each composed of fragments from the film work, and twenty-five photographs. A catalogue will be published soon after the opening on May 2. The exhibition will run until June 9. For more information see this page published by the Centro. Here you see Miguel putting the final touches to the exhibition in Centro Párraga.

Murcia is the centre of my engagement with Spain, which goes deep. My current video project (left column of the page Film Projects) is engaging the historical masterpiece Don Quijote, jewel of Spanish literature. I entered the Spanish context in Murcia, and keep returning there. The first episode of the new project will be shot there, on April 28th. Here you see that lead actor, Mathieu Montanier, playing Homais in Madame B, in the scene based on the alternative ending Flaubert had written but could not get published - not surprising, since it is an utterly postmodern piece.

The first episode of the new project, titled “reading”, will serve as a “moving” poster for the Contaminaciones exhibition: suggesting the importance of reading, as well as announcing the future of my work, and its bond with Spanish culture. Right after the installation and opening of the exhibition, and the filming and editing of the first scene of Don Quixote: tristes figuras and its display as a poster, the actor Mathieu Montanier, main role in this new project, and I will go to Växjö in Sweden, where we will shoot and draft-dit the final three scenes of the project.