London, and more

London in March, the beginning of Spring, was the right time to celebrate the new exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery of the University of the Arts London. I hope to soon find the time to post the exhibition with images on the page devoted to that work. The curators Michaela Giebelhausen and Alison Green, and the gallery director Kate Pelen did a brilliant job.

left: Alison, right: Michaela

The show officially opened on March 13, and the day after we held three workshops and two lectures. My greatest joy was to be working with Michelle again. I realized how much I have missed working with her. We are plotting and planning for a new collaborative exhibition project.

The week after, I returned to London to give two lectures which had been planned last year but fell through due a strike. One was a conversation with the host at King’s College, Luis Rebaza Soraluz, on Doris Salcedo’s work Palempsesto; the other one, the next day, on political art, at University College London, hosted by Maria Chiara d’Argenio. I used the opportunity to have a first session with Michelle about both our new projects, to see how we can bring those together.

And right after returning on Friday afternoon, I attended the opening of five exhibitions at the Haags Gemeente Museum. One of these was devoted to the art of Maria van Kesteren. Another was on Vladyslaw Strzeminski and Katarzyna Cobro, heros of the Polish avant-garde. Both these were exquisitely installed. The great bonus was the profound pleasure to link up again with Jaroslaw Suchan, director of the Museum Sztuki in Lodz, where we had the great honor of premiering the Madame B exhibition.

But the week was not over yet. Sunday afternoon I held the lecture on Salcedo’s Palimpsesto again, this time in the framework of an exhibition of Colombian art, organized by Framer Framed and What Art Can Do, two organizations in Amsterdam devoted to contemporary art with special attention to its political potential.
For those interested in the lecture, I tried to post it here as pdf with the powerpoint images, but the file, with the images, is too large. If you write to my email address I will send it to you. I here post the lecture without the images.

new beginnings

It seems to never stop. In January I gave a lecture on, and screened Reasonable Doubt at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Slowly, it seems that the Dutch art world is discovering what I do. It was a lovely event.
Also in January, I gave a lecture “La agencia de la imagen: ¿Activa, activista, o activando?” in the Seminar “Espectros de otros 68: Genealogías estéticas y activismo global”, Universitat de Barcelona, 10 January 2019, an earlier version fo Which I gave as the as inaugiral lecture for the Escuela Doctoral de otoño, Sevilla, 7 November 2018.
In February I spent a wonderful week as a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies (IMS), and the Centre Concurrences for colonial and postcolonial studies, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden. The seminars and workshops came with the preparation of a film shoot for my new project, described on the left-hand column of this page Film Projects.
The connection with these two research centres at the Linnaeus University fulfill my wish to seriously integrate (academic) research and (artistic) research - two domains that are currently trying hard to connect. My film work is entirely based on that integration. I am jubilant about the connection - intellectual and artistic - with the Linnaeus University. Early may we will shoot there the final three scenes of the Don Quijote project, and right before that, the first scene in Murcia, Spain, at the occasion of the opening of my solo show “contaminaciones”. More on that later.
The lecture “Advocacy of shock: animating the museum, slowing down the visitors”, about rejuvenating curatorial practice, based on the exhibition in Oslo, Emma & Edvard: Love in the Time of Loneliness, I delivered for a very engaged audience at the University of Utrecht, MA Arts and Society, RMA Media, Art and Performance Studies, 30 January 2019.
The short film “Sissi in Analysis”, which Michelle and I edited especially for the exhibition Saying It at the Freud Museum London, was screened at a special occasion, at “Freud’s Lost Lecture”, presented by CREAM Screens, Regent Street Cinema, on 27th February 2019.
Just yesterday I did something strange: I sat for a photograph in an artist book.The artist, Carla van de Putterlaar, is making a book of photographs of women in the artworld, dressed extravagantly.

Carla’s website shows an astonishing array of women, dresses, and jewelry. She needs financing for the publication. See her website for a range of portraits.

I am now heading to the conference “Sublime Imperfections: Mistakes, Cracks, Noise Today” organized by my colleague and friend Ellen Rutten.

Right after that I am going to London to participate in the workshop day to celebrate our exhibition Madame B: Explorations in Emotional Capitalism” at the Lethaby Gallery of Central St Martins.

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