The period from January through the Summer of 2018 was turbulent. While I tried to develop a new video project and a collaborative grant application, most of my time was taken by lectures, essay-writing, and installing small exhibitions. Both Precarity, a short 5-screen version of Madame B, and Reasonable Doubt were exhibited several times. Mostly, this went together with lectures, seminars, and other academic activities. I enjoyed the combination very much.
I am currently completely taken up by various speaking and writing engagements. These include writing up after conferences of last semester, and preparing new ones. But I promise, I will have news again by next Spring (I hope).

Also, during this semester I received the announcement that in 2019 I will be awarded two Honorary Doctorates. Only weeks after being given the honorary doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Helsinki, I received an honorary doctorate in the University of the Arts London; my fourth honorary degree. It seems especially significant that these two fields, apparently (only) so far apart, both recognize my work in their fields; or rather, in the integration in what is today called “artistic research”. This is an outpost - again, only apparently - of my ongoing advocacy of interdisciplinarity on which the research institute ASCA I co-founded has been based, now almost 25 years ago.