On March 9th, the exhibition of Madame B, the full 19-screen presentation opened in Museum Aboa Ventus & Ars Nova, Turku, Finland to our delight. So, at this point in time, two very different full presentation of this work are running simultaneously - in Oslo and in Turku. After Oslo, I thought nothing could be so fantastic as Emma & Edvard. But to my great surprise, the difference is so enormous that no comparison is possible anyway. The only thing the two shows have in common is those video works. But also, both buildings have a structure that lends itself for a more or less narrative presentation without imposing linearity, let alone chronology.

In terms of content, the emphasis is slightly different. In Oslo, on the loneliness; in Turku, on the issue of emotional capitalism. The curator had chosen the photo of emotional capitalism “in practice” for the outside wall. This sets the tone already for casual passers-by. A literature professor from the University will hold a reading seminar of Madame Bovary after _Madame B.