After a year and a half of hard work, the big moment has arrived: the exhibition is open!
The main actors came for the opening and performed live in the galleries, to the great pleasure of the numerous visitors.
This photo was taken when Emma (Marja Skaffari) runs up to the podium where I am giving my opening speech, claiming “Madame Bovary, c’est moi!” and an embarrassed Charles (Thomas Germaine) apologizes for his wife while his mother (Helinä Hukkataival) points an accusing finger at her daughter-in-law.

Photo: Rena Li @ Munchmuseet
I spent two weeks in total at the museum, a long and intense period filled with the pleasure of working with dedicated and friendly “Munchies” (pron. Munckies) as I call them, with affection and gratitude. Here are some of them:

Michelle came for the opening, to help with finishing touches, and o videorecord the events. Here she is contemplating the point of the mirror at the exit of the show, reminding visitors that self-reflection is, in the end, the underlying thrust of it all.

Photo: Elan Gamaker

The result of all the hard work is terrific. At least, so says Kjetil Røed, the best-know art critic of Norway in the largest newspaper, Aftenposten on Sunday January 29. He wrote a dream review, that explains the concept of the exhibition so well I like to leave him to it; a bit of boasting, a bit of time pressure, and a lot of respect for his deep understanding. In English translation below the photo (quoted without spaces and photos) he wrote:

The best Munch exhibition I have ever seen!

Here is the evidence:

For the full text in English, see Responses to the exhibition:

Needless to say: I am thrilled by this reception. More, including some more comments, on the Exhibitions page, Emma & Edvard: Love in the Time of Loneliness