Thursday November 19th I will go to Lyon. I have always liked the city but never visited the Biennial there. So, when I was invited to give the opening lecture of a conference on the occasion of the exhibition, I decided to go for it. Also, the topic is narrative - what more could I wish? I am going to speak about five artists whose work I admire, mostly video. As far as I know, they don’t know one another and their works are very different. But all five “theorize” in their practice the need for, and productivity of, anachronism. So, I build my argument entirely through the artworks.

Although I prefer my own term, “preposterous history” as developed in my book Quoting Caravaggio, this time I decided to adopt the more current term. Since my topic is the relationship between art and the world out of which it emerges, which it addresses, and within which it functions, and, moreover, the always-actual of art is part of my argument, I chose this image for the title page of my power point presentation.