After my last post, no one will be surprised by the following news. On September 20at 7 pm there will be a book launch at Wiels Contemporary Arts Centre in Brussels. The director, Dirk Snauwaert, will respond to the book. Then I will give a brief presentation about the three books on political art and Endless Andness in particular. Björn Schmeltzer, a brilliant composer and musician who has worked with Ann Veronica Janssens in several ballet performance directed by Anna Teresa de Keersemaker, will comment on the book, and we will end with a conversation between Ann Veronica and me. I look forward to this event, as I am very fond of all the participants, as well as of Wiels as a wonderfully original and active art venue. One of the chapters in my book is an analysis of the exhibition Serendipity that was held there. Here is a photo from that exhibition:

The next day, Saturday September 21, I begin a series of activities at the Newhouse Center at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, in conjunction with the Davis Museum where an exhibition of Ahtila’s work is being opened two days earlier. The first event, right after my arrival, is the launch of Endless Andless in the presence of the artist. Several events follow; I will be pretty busy the entire week following, giving several lectures, seminars and informal meetings.

This is the beginning of an extremely busy semester, with many trips, to Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan… More later!