Sometimes things comes together in such a way that a strong connection to a place, or as here, a country, seems to emerge out of the blue. This year, things are happening in Poland. In addition to two books and an article translated, I made new Polish friends, and a visit is planned to Warsaw for October, with lectures and seminars.
My books Narratology and_Travelling Concepts in the Humanities_ appeared in Polish almost simultaneously. Both were published by excellent publishers, and, I was told, very expertly translated. The covers look like this (left: Travelling Concepts; right: Narratology):

It is thrilling to see so much interest in my work in a country that is clearly very active, intellectually and artistically. Because … during that visit I will also visit Łodz to see the gallery space at the Sztuki Museum of Art. I met the director of the museum, Jaroslaw Suchan, during the C-MAP seminar at MoMA in 2012, and felt a great affinity with his way of thinking about art in he contemporary world.

From early December through February 2014, the museum will exhibit our project Madame B.

Although I never went to Łodz, this will nevertheless be a bit of a return to the city, since I once exhibited my installation Nothing is Missing there in an old villa, in the exhibition Anabasis, a project curated by Adam Budak.

For 2014, it is already clear that the year will be marked by activities in the Spanish-speaking world. With the exhibition and book publication in Colombia, and another book in Spain, this time the connection is to a language rather than a country. More about that later.