The monumental industrial Parque within the confines of which everything takes place, is impressively beautiful, cheerful, and full of life. Here you see the top of the gigantic Horno 3, the central monument. It is an old steel melting facility.

The exhibition is beautiful, and as soon as my computer deigns function again I will put photos in the Exhibition section. the workshop is heavy duty teaching but with a lovely group of people. The mix of artists and scholars, of literary and visual specialists, makes it very engaging.
In the weekend, my friend Paulina Aroch came from Mexico City. She and her friend Mario Gómez took me out of the compound into the real city! After a visit to the brilliant museum of contemporary art MARCO we went for an extensive succulent meal of cabrito / young goat. This detail of the ceiling of the museum shows a bit the kind of very special architecture this is.

Tomorrow, another friend from Mexico City is coming. Alberto Montoya Hernández is a psychoanalyst with the same commitment to help people suffering from transgenerational trauma as Francoise Davoine and Jean Max Gaudilliere, and Marjo Vuorela. Alberto plays the younger Don Luis in our film, and is the author of Paisajes de la locura, a book from which we took the title of the Turku exhibition. Here you see him in the installation piece The War Goes On.