Today, while the beautiful exhibition Islands of Madness in still up, and Nothing is Missing is exhibited in a group show in Prague, we received the invitation to mount an exhibition of the Mère Folle Project in Monterrey, Mexico. The venue is called Centro de las Artes. From the photograph we received it looks quite wonderful.

We have not yet seen a floor plan of the space, hence, we don’t know yet what can be done. We will keep you informed. This exhibition will coincide with my visit to Monterrey, where I will conduct a two-week seminar for the national centre for the Arts. And while I am there, the film will be screened in a cinema in the city, with a Q&A.
Meanwhile, we are just beginning to make the installation pieces for yet another exhibition in September, at the Freud Museum, London. This exhibition is called Saying It, and is an integration of everything in our project that concerns Sissi, and installations on key concepts of Freud’s theories by American artist Renate Ferro (see her official website).
The film A Long History of Madness has been projected in the Freud museums of Vienna and Saint Petersburg, and it is a great pleasure to now join the ranks of impressive contemporary artists who have exhibited in the London Freud museum, which is the most extensive one of the three. Joanne Morra, here with her daughter Cara, who is writing a book on the exhibitions on the Freud museums, is curator of our exhibition.