Straight after Toronto I am heading out again. This time there is an irresolvable conflict of schedule. In Prague, in the Futura Gallery, a group exhibition opens with my Nothing is Missing installation in it. The exhibition, curated by David Arlandis and Javier Marroquí, curators based in Spain, is devoted to Care Crisis - as the curators formulated it, “the state of precariousness brought in in the wake of the integration of women in the - traditionally male - labour realm, and which lays manifest either a deficit in the care needed for personal life development, or a transformation in the system which supplies it.” Unfortunately, the exhibition dates got moved and as a result, the opening happens to be on the same day that in Mariehamn, on the Swedish-speaking, Finnish island of Åland, our exhibition Islands of Madness opens. Tough luck!
“Islands of Madness” is a smaller and different version of “Landscapes of Madness”. As soon as she saw the latter exhibition, curator Mervi Appel decided to bring the show to “her” Åland. Mervi has been involved in our project from the beginning. She plays the anonymous patient in the cell on Seili, poignantly picking up a photograph, then looking to the too-high window from where she hears a bird sing. Her and our friend, the acclaimed performance artist Helinä Hukkataival - the director of the half-way house in the film - designed the beautiful poster. See her portfolio on
As soon as I have the information I will post both exhibitions on the appropriate pages; respectively on group exhibition and exhibitions. But as I won’t even have a day between returning to Amsterdam and leaving for Åland, I may be a few days late.