The new Mieke Bal website is here!

I decided it was time for a change. The new site, beautifully designed by it’s a lab, has a stylish new look, but also and more importantly, much more information. I wanted to include video clips and larger photos, so that the site can serve as a portfolio of my video work as well. Have a look around the site and feel free to send us feedback. If there is information you miss, or that is unclear, please let us know.

You can keep up to date with my latest news, events, exhibitions and publications from this page.

For starters: I am in the middle of preparing two exhibitions for the Fall.

One is in Saint Petersburg, titled “Towards the Other,” a large exhibition on migratory culture initiated by the Netherlands Institute. It will take place in the exhibition space of the Peter and Paul Fortress, across the river from the Hermitage.

The show will include a range of films I have made with others, as well as some Russian works, as if in response to my vision of migratory culture as the subject par excellence for video art. Briefly put, this vision comprises three issues:

1) understanding migratory culture as a culture of movement, best grasped in the moving image, as well as the ways the movement of images and the movement of people mutually illuminate each other;
2) understanding how works of art and other material artefacts can harbour, stimulate and compel the development of thought;
3) reconsider my own theoretical convictions in view of encounters with otherness of which I am myself a party.

Maria Veits, Curator
Maria Veits, Curator
Anna Bitkina, Curator
Anna Bitkina, Curator

I will post more information as it arrives. For now, the organisation is in the hands of the Russian curators, Maria Veits and Ana Bitkina (above) of the creative association of curators TOK, and the Dutch producer/curator Eva Koppen (below). The show opens on October 11th.

Eva Koppen, Curator/ Producer

The other exhibition is in the Ars Nova Museum in Turku, Finland.

This exhibition, titled Landscapes of Madness and curated by Mia Hannula (below), presents video installations by Michelle Williams Gamaker and myself. It consists of a fictionalised series of environments in which “madness” is presented in its relationship to society and to psychoanalysis.

Mia Hannula, Curator