The Mère Folle Project

Multiple format project, 2008-2012
Multi-lingual with subtitles

Following its launch in 2008, the Mère Folle Project has grown into a multiple-format project dealing principally with madness, psychoanalysis, inter-generational trauma and the treatment of the insane as the last form of discrimination.

Mère Folle (2010) was launched with specific audiences in mind.

A Long History of Madness (2011) is the international film of this project, released for the general public.

Screenings & Events
Across Europe and America we are involved in conferences, film festivals and art museums, to discuss the theoretical and practical themes of our project.

Spatialising the content of the film offers us the possibility to screen the work in museum and art gallery contexts, in order to create different experiences of the images. Anachronisms (2010), The Space In-Between (2011) and A Second Chance (2011) are three such examples. Anachronisms was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao alongside the exhibition The Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish Painting from the Städel Museum, while The Space In-Between and A Second Chance are multiple screen installations taking elements from the fiction film and expanding them.

This is an on-going long-term project, to present a number of articles, interviews, set photographs and behind the scenes making-of photographs.

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