Care Crisis
a group exhibition at the gallery Futura in Prague, from March 9 to May 27, 2012
curated by David Arlandis and Javier Marroquí

The exhibition in Prague addresses the consequences for women of the paradox that women’s access to the labour market has contributed to the current crisis that, yet again, hits women most. The Spanish curators wrote: “the state of precariousness brought in the wake of the integration of women in the - traditionally male - labor realm, and which lays manifest either a deficit in the care needed for personal life development, or a transformation in the system which supplies it.” The roster of contributing artists makes me very proud to be included. This is the second time within a semester that my work is exhibited in the vicinity of Ursula Biemann’s work, for example - an artist I deeply admire. I am also very pleased to contribute to the artistic reflection on the sociological phenomenon the curators seek to put forward. It brings all my feminist suspicion to the fore. Why is it that in our allegedly enlightened time the hardest lot falls on women yet again?
For the curators as for myself, this exhibition at the Centre for contemporary art FUTURA in Prague is part of an interdisciplinary research project. The exhibition will be up until the end of May. My contribution, a version of Nothing is Missing, foregrounds the fact that even when all they can do is stay at home and see their children leave, women bear the burden of the global economy, when their homes are depleted of their inhabitants and they stay alone within their sometimes remote villages somewhere on the globe.

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