Special dossier of Le Coq-Héron
Nr 211, Décembre 2012
an issue devoted to Cinéma et psychanalyse edited by Eva Landau
Dossier Autour de Mère folle et Histoires de fous,
Published by érès

Le Coq-Héron is a prestigious French journal on psychoanalysis. In the special issue on the complex and historically rich relationship between psychoanalysis and cinema, a section of 44 pages is devoted to our film. This is a fantastic publication, a great honor, and a wonderful recognition coming from the professional milieu the film addresses critically, but from within.
There is an introduction by Mieke Bal & Michelle Williams Gamaker, an article by Françoise Davoine titled “Qu’est-ce qui est arrivé à mon livre, Mère Folle?” (Whatever happened to my book Mère folle?, pages 113-116)and six other articles by psychoanalysts and cultural critics fromfive different countries:

  • Folie et déraison créatrice” (Madness and Creaitve Unreason) Mieke Bal, 117-126
  • Le temps disjoint: Histoires de fous“(Time Out of Joint), Miguel Á. Hernández-Navarro, 127-130
  • De _Mère Folle à Histoires de fous, ou du livre au film” (From _Mère Folle to Histoires de fous, or from Book to Film), Nicole Roger, 131-134
  • Alice et l’intime étrange étranger. Au pays des sotties” (Alice and the Intimate Weird Stranger: In the Country of the sotties), Claudine Asch, 135-138
  • Des sons de la pensée-ciné” (About the Sounds of Cine-Thinking), Anna-Helena Klumpen, 139-145
  • Le psychanalyste au cinéma” (The Psychoanalyst at the Movies), Alberto Montoya Hernández, 146-155